Compact, Modular UPS Ideal for Server Rooms & IT Backup
With lower critical power loads, our smaller 10-80 kVA UPS offers high performance in a reduced footprint.
The long capacitor life and modular design mean this UPS can outlast the competition.

120/208V / 10 to 80 kVA UPS

Need a server room or IT backup UPS?

The DiamondPlus® 1100 Series of uninterruptible power supplies from Mitsubishi Electric deliver high-performance power protection and reliability for lower – but still critical – loads - all in a smaller footprint.

Our modular UPS is compact, but designed with room to expand. Save on upfront costs by purchasing the UPS sized for the load you have now and reserve the option to expand when needed.

Hot swappable UPS power modules provide redundancy and maximum flexibility for expansion, as well as rapid maintenance and repair. A perfect server room UPS, it is also ideal for network closets, control rooms, and edge data centers.. Learn more about our compact UPS options.

1100 Series Video

See how Mitsubishi Electric’s 1100 Series compact, modular UPS models provide high-performance power protection.

Unparalleled reliability. Maximum Uptime.

Mitsubishi Electric delivers the highest reliability among backup power equipment suppliers. Our robust technology is designed to deliver continuous power in the most demanding environments - and it’s not just estimated. Our 1100 Series of UPS have a sustained load-carrying capacity of >99.9999% of their actual operational history.

All the power. Smaller footprint.

Our compact UPS possesses a smaller footprint than competitor models, enabling you to devote more white space to IT and other revenue-generating equipment.

Modular design. Increased flexibility.

Both the 1100A (10-50 kVA) and the 1100B (10-80 kVA) have modular UPS designs, allowing for additional power modules to be added (in 10kVA increments) at a later date.

  • Growth Pay for the power you need, but retain the option to grow your UPS capabilities alongside your business.
  • Design Implement multiple kW-size edge designs with the same system.

Hot swappable modules. Maximum efficiency.

The DiamondPlus® 1100 Series' power modules are hot swappable for maximum flexibility and rapid mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). This means that it is possible to switch out modules without needing to take the UPS offline, which will expedite the process of repairs and reduce your electrician costs.

Expandable UPS with versatile applications.

Both the 1100A and 1100B model UPS are ideal for backing up a variety of critical applications, with an emphasis on small enterprise loads, IT, and edge data centers across various markets.

Application: Data Centers, Edge data centers.

Markets: Small enterprise across all markets.

Both the 1100A (10-50 kVA) and 1100B (10-80 kVA) expand in 10 kVA increments, providing the option to grow your power requirements alongside your business, as well as deploy various edge designs. Supporting the data centers backing up small enterprises, as well as various edge data centers, these models of UPS deliver unparalleled reliability with a small footprint.

Application: IT Server Rooms

Markets: Small enterprise across all markets.

In today’s digital world, IT closets across all industries require a reliable and efficient power supply. Our compact, modular UPS ranges from 10-80 kVA, with additional power modules in increments of 10 kVA. Support the digital day-to-day operations of your business with an 1100A or 1100B UPS from Mitsubishi Electric.

Application: Medical Equipment

Markets: Hospital & Healthcare

Although commonly a server room UPS, the 1100A and 1100B offer the reliability demanded by hospitals and healthcare facilities. As an added bonus, these models possess a small footprint and expedite maintenance with their hot swappable modules.

Application: Medical Equipment

Markets: Manufacturing & Industrial

With a sustained load carrying capacity >99.9999% of their operational history, the 1100 Series of UPS deliver industry-leading reliability, and their hot swappable modules minimize downtime due to maintenance: ideal circumstances for manufacturing applications.

Other Features

  • True online double conversion
  • Fully-digital IGBT converter and inverter
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) controls
  • Minimal footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Front access
  • Output power factor of 0.9
  • Bottom or side cable entry
  • Internal batteries (10 & 20 kVA)
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Lithium ReadyTM (1100B | 10 to 80 kVA)


  • UL 1778 (Underwriter Laboratories) Standard for UPS Equipment
  • CSA 22.2 (Canadian Standards Association - cUL Equipment)
  • IEC (International Electro-technical Commission), Semiconductor Converter Standards
  • FCC Title 47, Part 15, Subpart B
  • IEEE 587, ANSI C62.41 1991 Standard for Surge Withstand Ability
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program
  • UL 924 Listed

Why choose a Mitsubishi Electric UPS?

1100 Series Modular UPS offers up to 94% Efficiency

Demonstrating high efficiencies across all load levels when operating in true online double conversion, both the 1100A (10-50 kVA) and the 1100B (10-80kVA) deliver even, consistent power perfect for server room or IT backup UPS applications.

The 1100A model achieves up to 94.2% efficiency, while the 1100B model achieves up to 94.4%.

Please note that all efficiency curves published on this website are for the respective UPS operating in true online double conversion (aka VFI).

Compatible battery power for a 10 to 80 kVA UPS.

Both the 1100A and 1100B model UPS are compatible with VRLA and pure lead options. However, like the larger capacity UPS available from Mitsubishi Electric, the 1100B (10-80 kVA) model can now be backed up by lithium ion batteries. The BCL04-BBA01 lithium ion battery cabinet and the BCL07 lithium ion battery cabinet were specifically designed to be paired with the 1100B model.

It houses 10 batteries with an impressive expected lifetime of 15 years. Its minimal footprint makes it an attractive alternative for small spaces and edge data centers. An optional top hat is available for handling localized data storage.
For a deeper dive into all possible solutions, review our UPS Batteries & DC Power Solutions.

1100 Series Success Stories

Read the unique stories of our valued customers and discover why Mitsubishi Electric was chosen to protect their critical infrastructure.

Uninterruptible Simulator Performance

The guarantee of clean uninterrupted power being delivered to Dallara’s driver simulator is invaluable and always in demand, especially given its rarity as only one of three simulators in the world.

PA One Call System, Inc.

As time is of the essence for a chain of events to be completed prior to all excavations, the President and CEO of PA One Call, recognized the need for the call center to always be operational.

1100 Series UPS Specifications

Mitsubishi Electric can customize a complete and seamless backup solution to suit your specific needs. Review the various UPS peripherals including maintenance bypasses, DC energy solutions, & communication options below to determine the ideal solution for your server room or IT UPS.