60 & 100 Amp Busway

The 60 & 100C amp series of Starline Track Busway is a mid-amperage system that’s ideal for overhead lighting, small industrial applications, and retail environments.


The housing cross section for this series of busway measures approximately 2.6 inches (66mm) tall by 1.8 inches (46mm) wide, and consists of an extruded aluminum outer shell with insulated copper conductor strips mounted on the two opposite interior side walls. The aluminum extrusion acts as a 100% ground path, and each section of housing has an open access slot over its entire length for the insertion of turn-n-lock plug-in units.


Sections of the busway are joined electrically by means of an in-line connector. This connector is installed by inserting it in each end of the housing sections to be joined. Both elbow and tee connectors are also available for making 90 degree turns.


The 60 & 100C busway comes with a variety of options for how to supply power to it. You have the option of supplying power to the end, the top, or the bottom of the busway. If aesthetics have to be considered during the installation, the option of a concealed power feed is also available.


To draw power from the busway, the variety of plug-in units offered range from simple one or two outlet units, up to the popular E12 enclosure, which includes the possible combination of multiple drop cords and circuit breakers. All Starline Plug-in Units are equipped with a special plug head which inserts into the busway’s continuous slot, turns 90 degrees and makes a spring-loaded connection.

As an overall solution, the Starline Track Busway 60 & 100C series offers a reliable, time-tested power distribution system with a multitude of options for how to draw power. The continuous access slot that is present on every Starline Track Busway system guarantees the flexibility needed to easily change displays, and plug-in unit design ensures a safe, continuous connection to power.