250-1250 AMP BUSWAY

250-1250 Amp Busway

Supplying the highest amperage of the Starline Track Busway systems, the 250-1250 series powers many of today’s largest mission critical facilities. One of the main benefits of Starline is that it is an overhead power distribution system, meaning no jungle of cables and whips under the floor obstructing air flow. Also, the continuous access slot along the bus gives data centers the power to easily expand or reconfigure operations.

Field-proven for decades, the maintenance-free, custom built Starline Track Busway also offers customizable plug-in units that are interchangeable between systems. The design of these plug-in units ensures a safe, constant connection to power- providing the continuous uptime that is so crucial to mission critical facilities.

Technical Specs

  • System is rated at 250, 400, 600/630, 800, 1000 or 1200-1250 amps, 4 pole, for continuous duty at 600 volts (U.S.), 415 volts (metric); 1200 amp system is 4 pole rated for continuous duty at 480 volts
  • All systems offer selections of 3 phase/neutral, or 3 phase/neutral/internal ground conductor; select systems also offer 3 phase/200% neutral or 3 phase/200% neutral/internal ground conductor
  • Busway sections are joined together by maintenance-free, compression style joints
  • The same plug-in units can be used across all 250, 400, 630, 800, 1000 and 1200 amp systems
  • Tested to meet UL857 & IEC 61439-6 standards; ETL, CCC, NOM and VDE certified & CE marked for domestic and international use


  • Data centers/mission critical
  • Manufacturing environments; assembly lines and work stations
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Electric vehicle charging


  • Rearrange power connections to wherever you need them; no new cables or rewiring necessary
  • Simple to install with little to no maintenance required
  • Customizable plug-in units built to customer specifications
  • Patented u-shaped copper busbars ensure a continuous, reliable power connection
  • Optional integrated metering and value-added accessories such as server cabinet mounting brackets, infrared (IR) windows and cabling management accessories
  • Available in custom colors